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      "Load in nine timesLoad," ordered Si.

      "I don't reckon nothin' o' the kind," said the Deacon indignantly. "I won't stand and see it done."

      In five minutes after arms were stacked not a cornstalk remained standing in the field. During the afterfnoon the troops had gone over a long stretch of swamp road that was almost impassable for teams. Fears were entertained that the wagons of the regiment would not be up that night, and they would not have their tents to shelter them from the storm. In anticipation of such a calamity the boys, gathered in the cornstalks, having a vague idea that they would help out in case of emergency.

      The next morning the company turned out to a man and escorted him to the train, with Si and his father marching arm-in-arm at the head, the company fifers playing,

      "Shut up, you scalawag," roared the Lieutenant-Colonel. "If I hear another word out o' you I'll buck-and-gag you."

      Headquarters 200th Indiana,


      The unloading went on even more rapidly than the day before.She turned and kissed Don with a smile on her lips. Her eyes shone with the light of battle.


      Anticipating something unpleasant, he dropped into a chair grumbling.